It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like July

It’s really hot here in Homestead, even though it has cooled off a bit; I don’t think it has even hit 80 degrees this week. (Cue the eye rolls from everyone up north.) I came back from a lovely two weeks in Ohio to a broken car air conditioner (not to mention a house full of ants), so I think I’ve upped my sweat game a bit. I decided to keep track of how much water I drink on a random day, and as it turned out, I drank 2.24 gallons. And people wonder why I pee so much. (Sorry for that graphic content, Mom. Hopefully I will still get a job one day!)


Yesterday morning I walked the 2.26 miles around my block in a tank top and shorts and ran into someone wearing a winter coat and scarf. She promptly told me her hands were frozen. (Has anyone seen the “Africa for Norway” video? Hilarious! And also important. Anyways, I’d start up a radiator collection for all of you people up north, but Floridians actually think it is cold here. Sorry.)

You might be wondering what I’ve been doing lately.

Since returning to work at the beginning of January, there has been a lot of catch-up, mostly with client-related work. Today we had a clinic at Branches United Methodist Church, and we met some new client families. It’s so hard to hear the desperation in their voices and know that we can’t take on most new cases due to a lack of capacity. It’s also an affirmation of my calling to social justice: Why just help one desperate client when we could change the law and help every person in the same situation?

A lot of times we, as privileged church people, choose charity because that affirms our goodness. Charity and relationships and immigrant kids smiling and telling people the good works we’ve done make us feel better than advocacy, which is often difficult and fruitless. That’s not to say that navigating the immigration system is a feel-good activity; so many people do not qualify for any form of immigration relief, and with constantly-changing practices and policies, our efforts are often fruitless, too. But if I have to choose to put my energy behind something that very well might be futile, it might as well be the justice work that could lead to meaningful change for the greatest number of people who are disadvantaged in some way–and not just those who are wealthy enough or smart enough or free enough from ICE’s grasp or lucky enough to access an attorney.

Besides that and finishing up law school applications, I’ve been having lots of fun!

It was great to spend a couple of weeks at home with family and friends for Christmas! I mostly just hung out, walked around in my bare feet (home is a cockroach-free zone), and ate cookies.





Special thank you to my Gramma for making and sharing these cookies during the few days we spent in Pennsylvania.


Florida fun has included a trip to Marco Island (one of my favorite beaches!) and an opportunity to pet a penguin.



I mostly like the trip to Marco Island because it involves driving through the Everglades, and searching for alligators (when there is no traffic) keeps the drive interesting.


I will leave you with this beautiful sunset because, let’s face it, the next time I write, Donald Trump will probably be our president, and that is a total bummer, so we need all the pictures of sunsets and puppies that we can get.



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