The Consequence of Bigotry

The Book of Fellows

I have spent the last week and a half or so grieving the results of the US Presidential election. I am angry that Secretary Clinton lost despite winning the popular vote (by more than 1 million votes). I am sad that so many Americans chose hate and bigotry over love and friendship. I am afraid for non-white friends, non-Christian friends, women, LGBTQ+ friends, etc. I am hurt that so many middle-aged, white Protestants don’t get it–don’t understand the love of Jesus that walks among the hurt and the lost to listen. I am disappointed that these same white Christians keep telling my friends who are completely heart-broken about the election and afraid for their lives to move on. That’s privilege.

Let’s focus on the middle-aged white Protestants.


Now, before you stop reading, I’m not writing this to shame any of you. I hope I am just as entitled to my opinion…

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