More Adventures

At the end of October, I spent a week itinerating in Ohio. I spoke at churches, met with friends who have supported my ministry as a Missionary, and promoted the Global Mission Fellow (GMF) program. Special thanks to Belmont UMC, Church of the Master’s Crossroads ministry, Church of 14591851_712203308934029_127830160054308780_nthe Messiah UMC, and countless friends and family members for hosting me!

While I still hate public speaking, it is awesome that the GMF program allows (and encourages, at least in my case) us to take our 10 itineration days a year to share about our work! I did not use any of my itineration days last year, so this year I wanted to make sure to do so. I think that taking time to share about my work has made me appreciate it a bit more.

While in Ohio, I also got to spend time with friends and family, hang out with our dog, Savannah, and go apple picking.

Since returning to Miami, most of my free time has been spent studying for the LSAT. But I’ve definitely made time for some adventures, too!

I got to meet this jaguar and also hang out with a serval.


I dog-sat Gromit at my old house.


I spent time exploring my new “neighborhood.” This has gotten harder and harder now that the sun starts setting by 5 PM or so.


I went to one of my favorite beaches in the Florida Keys, Sombrero Beach.


I also explored the Everglades National Park a bit.


Work was really hectic last week, with a couple of late nights. I did get to volunteer with Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees, though. I met with a couple of immigrants who are being detained inside of the Krome Service Processing Center. Some of them are detained for months and never receive a visitor, so I believe this is really important work.

I took this picture outside of my house on the way to work on Thursday:


Isn’t nature cool?

On Friday, I spontaneously decided to drive to Marco Island (on the Gulf coast, where the powdery, white, soft sand is):


While I love swimming in the clear Florida Keys water (and don’t feel like I will be eaten by a shark there), one of my favorite things to do at the beach is collect seashells, so the Gulf coast is still my favorite!


I spent Saturday studying for the LSAT, cooking good food, writing another essay for a couple of law school applications, and watching Take Me Home on Netflix.

I’m not always happy here–I’ve tried to be authentic and show the not-so-great side of things, too–but for now I will focus on the good, the adventures.

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