Second Year Transitions


I haven’t written a blog just to give an overview of my life in awhile–or since July. Since 1) I’m home in Ohio itinerating (speaking at churches, meeting with friends and supporters, etc.), 2) I’m back from a 6 AM breakfast meeting with my Candidacy group mentors, and 3) writing a blog is on my to-do list, I figured that now might be a good time to sit down to write.

Here is what’s new:

I co-led a mission trip to Cuba.

I went to two friends’ weddings in Ohio (Becca/Jeff and Kathryn/Josh).



A friend was baptized.

I tried a Groupon mosaics class and made a rainbow mustache out of glass.

I visited Hollywood Beach for the first time.

I attended the International Young Methodist Leaders Seminar and World Methodist Conference in Houston, TX in August.


I moved. This picture was taken in my new “neighborhood”in the Redland Agricultural Area:


I met some of the new Christian young adult volunteers in Miami.


I’ve been running around so much/traveling/preparing for Hurricane Matthew (which did not hit us hard at all)/studying for the LSAT, so I haven’t been able to volunteer in awhile. I did get to rescue this baby squirrel though:


I went to Universal Studios/Harry Potter World!


I’ve been trying food delivery programs like Blue Apron and HelloFresh/benefiting from the initial discount. To give you an idea, I was able to order 6 meals from Blue Apron for $10.95, a $60.00 value. It’s a great way to try new foods, especially as a single person who gets sick of leftovers! Pictured is the Sesame Shrimp with Ginger Scallion Rice and Crispy Green Beans from HelloFresh:


I went on a YAMM retreat at Warren Willis United Methodist Camp with the other Young Adult Missional Fellows.


I turned 24 and visited the Fruit and Spice Park for my birthday:


And, since I am now home in October, I am enjoying autumn:


My work with South Florida JFON has changed slightly in the past month or so–with one of our attorneys out of the office for awhile, the client side of things seems to have slowed down a bit. While we still have clinics, court dates, and client appointments at our office, we are not accepting new clients at the moment (for the most part). I have had more time to work on things like updating client lists, sending out letters, evaluating our interpreter policies, researching immigration issues, and working on a grant report for the American Bar Association.

I have done some volunteer/community outreach stuff, too, like visiting immigrants in the Krome Service Processing Center with Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees.

One unfortunate thing: I have not attended Redland Community UMC since August. I agreed to stay on as the Worship Committee Chair until December 31, 2016 or until the Nominating Committee could meet and replace me.

I think we miss the point of Church when we start excluding the people with whom we disagree.

At this point in my life, I believe that finding a church home where I am allowed to talk about my work and ministry, where radical love and outreach are priorities, and where I am invited to be myself and fully a part of the church–not because I am a young person and a missionary to add to the charge conference reports, but simply because I am a person, a human being who matters–is vital.


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