Dear Church, Poor People Are Not Zoo Animals

“We are all just stumbling around in this short little life, and I think that the sooner we let go of control and trust God, the sooner we will start leading from a place of love and encourage one another. Maybe we would judge less if we accepted ourselves more.”

The Book of Fellows


“When I was about 17, my mom was on the way to the grocery store in her electric wheelchair, and it fell off the side of the curb and tipped over. A woman and her husband were passing by, and they saw her, jumped out of their car, and helped my mom get back up. They got to talking, and that’s when it all started.

“The woman was some higher-up in a church, and after coming over to our house, she ended up buying my mom new furniture and TVs and things. Then for the next couple of months, she paraded all of her friends through our house, showing it off like we were animals at a zoo.

“I felt like we were a charity case being shown off. We were doing just fine before. We had a couch, and no, it wasn’t nice, but we had it. We had a TV; it wasn’t…

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