Some Days

An iguana at Sombrero Beach in the Florida Keys

Some days I get to go to Sombrero Beach in Marathon, FL, hang out with iguanas, read some of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, soak in the sun, swim in warm water, eat tacos, and feed rehabilitating sea turtles.

Some days I get to sit behind my computer at my makeshift card table desk in the Redland Community United Methodist Church sanctuary, researching gangs in Central America, calling clients, filling out forms, and working on grants.

Some days I get to take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge and spend the day planting a few flowering bushes that attract butterflies, including Firecracker Jatropha, Ixora ‘Maui’, and Bougainvillea.

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Some days I hydroplane on damp pavement and skid right through an intersection on the way to church, get a flu shot, and get a haircut that loosely resembles a mullet.

Some days my housemates and I get to meet up with other young adults living in intentional community in Miami, including the Presbyterian DOOR volunteers, the Paragon Partners’ house of women who have aged out of the foster care system, and the Mormon missionaries who we invited when they came to our house a couple of months ago to evangelize.

All House
Miami young adult gathering


Some days I go to church, and I am hugged by those I see each week.

Some days clients and farmworkers bring us produce that they picked.

Some days I interpret for clients.

Some days I go to court.

Some days I volunteer.

Some days I paint or watch Netflix all day.

Some days I try to plan out my whole future in a few hours.

Some days I feel close to friends and family; some days I don’t. It would be impossible to keep in touch with everyone all of the time and also be present with my community here. If you’re reading this, know that you’re missed.

Some days I feel close to God; some days I feel distant.

Some days I’m angry, frustrated, happy, excited, sad.

Life as a Missionary–just like any other life–is full of change, joy, grace, and challenges. It is also filled with one very important and comforting reminder:

Every day I am loved and accepted by God.

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