Waiting and Itinerating

Belmont Wall Photo 1 copy
Visiting Belmont UMC in Dayton, OH on August 16 to share a little bit about my journey. I painted the wall behind me for the English as a Second Language classroom when I was an intern there in January 2014.

Today I’m writing from a rainy Westerville, Ohio!

I was commissioned as a United Methodist Church Missionary on July 30, and I finished Global Mission Fellow US-2 training on July 31. (I even have the anchor cross and Missionary ID to prove it.)

Since then, I have been visiting churches in Ohio, talking with my family and friends about training and my future hopes as a Missionary, traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit family, painting some, baking some, attempting to play “Für Elise,” and watching lots of re-runs of Gilmore Girls. Go Set a Watchman is at the top of my reading list.

In 9 days, on August 26, I will move to Miami, Florida, where I will begin my work with undocumented immigrants and South Florida Justice for Our Neighbors. The day after I arrive, I will travel to the Life Enrichment Center in Leesburg/Fruitland Park, Florida for orientation with the Florida Annual Conference from August 27-30. Then I will have a few days to acclimate to Miami before beginning work on September 3.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you! Many have asked how they can support me. Here are some ideas:

  • If you would like to receive additional updates, like my GMF US-2 Facebook page.
  • You can also DONATE to support the work of young adult missionaries.
  • Please remember the Global Mission Fellows in your prayers, especially the GMF International class and Global Ministries staff as they continue their training in Zimbabwe, and the GMF US-2s who will be moving to their placement sites in the next few weeks.

I really appreciate all of your continued support.

– Emily


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